Artists Showplace Gallery

Artists' Showplace Gallery, located at 15615 Coit Rd, Suite 230, Dallas, TX 75248, exhibits a wide variety of traditional and contemporary art in an airy, spacious venue.

Photographs by Stephen Reed

If you visit the gallery during the week, you'll find it bustling with activity. Art students of all skill levels, including professional artists, are either creating art in the spacious classrooms, heading out to lunch at one of a variety of terrific restaurants nearby, or sharing critiques and laughter, as they explore art together.

Artists' Showplace Gallery is the venue of choice for the best workshops and classes, taught by some of the most prominent art teachers in the country and internationally.

The gallery features art in various media, ranging from traditional watercolors, oils and acrylics, to photography, digital art, sculpture, ceramics, wood, glass and fine jewelry.

However, the Gallery is perhaps best known for its monthly featured shows, held in the Coit Gallery. Monthly receptions, held on Fridays, are memorable parties with live music, wine and light refreshments. On those nights, the gallery is filled to capacity with patrons and members of the Dallas arts community.

The gallery is unusual in one other aspect. It is a LLC formed by an eclectic group of artists with their own stories, passions and artistic aspirations.

We are Judy Campbell,, Pauline Caffrey, Radha Chatterjee, Sara Joseph, Jane Kahler, Debbie Landa, Shubha Mantri, Roye Jan Myers, San Cheang, Judy Tedford, Bob Voges and Dovie Wu.

We come from diverse backgrounds, artistic disciplines and histories, to work, dream and create together. Our vision for the gallery is more than just a brick and mortar business that sells art. Instead, we see it as an organic, changing venue where art can be explored and enjoyed. It is a gathering place where we challenge our limitations, argue and test new ideas, and most of all communicate our love of art to others.

We take seriously the privilege of showcasing the work of local artists. In this capacity, we represent the art of Associate Artists. Artists' Showplace Gallery also hosts the Annual Award Shows and meetings of various prominent Art Clubs and Societies in the Dallas area.

We hope to coax those who have yet to discover one of Dallas' finest art galleries to visit us often either on line, or in person.

Upcoming Events

Celebrating 11 years of art!

Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Saturday
11 am to 5 pm
Or by appointment
Closed Sunday and Monday

Crystal Spring Expressions
The Art of Soon Y Warren
Reception:Sat, 4-7 p.m, April 12, 2014
Exhibition:March 15-April 26th, 2014

Upcoming Workshops

Mary Ann Beckwith
The Brush and Beyond
Watermedia Workshop
April 21-24, 2014

Joyce Hicks
Transforming the Landscape in Watercolor
May 6-9, 2014
10:00-4:00 pm

Richard Stephens Watercolor with Passion & Humor
June 3-6th, 2014

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Artists' Showplace Gallery.

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