Roye Jan Myers

Roye Jan Myers works in techniques that range from impressionistic to non-objective. She works in watercolor and acrylic, and often creates mixed media collages.

"My passion is the layering of textures and patterns in non-objective, mixed media paintings."

Roye Jan Myers has taught art at both the High School and Elementary School levels in Plano, Texas, for seventeen years. She was voted Williams High School Teacher of the Year 1989-90. She has a BFA in Fine Art from Oklahoma University and completed her graduate studies in Painting, Drawing and Ceramics from Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas and Interior Design from El Centro College in Dallas, Texas.

"I feel that I take risks in my art in order to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. It is important to me to have people connect to my interpretations, finding something new in the work, every time they view it."

Roye Jan enjoys plein-air painting, preferring to create her landscapes outdoors, and so experiencing the thrill and immediacy of the scene she chooses to interpret.

"My paintings come alive, when I paint from life. Then they truly capture what I'm feeling, as well as what I'm seeing. Hopefully, the viewer will remember a trail just like that, feel the cool mountain air, or recall a morning's commute from what I've painted.

Nature is the ultimate source for my compositions. It is how you interpret what you see that gives you your own individual style."

Jan's work has passionate collectors, who are inspired by her distinctive style. Her work was chosen as the Finalist for The Best Art of 2008, Artist's Magazine, in the Abstract/ Experimental Division.

Jan is intrigued by uncovering the unknown, using weathered patinas, scratching through surfaces, as if revealing layers of history through the process.

"I am drawn to subtle nuances in color, as well as a strong contrast in texture and the placement of unusual shapes. I love the change that a patina goes through, reflecting a similar contrast in nature."

Her work is endued with a curious mystery with gold or silver leaf peeking through, or around shapes, intermingling with obscured writings or symbols.

Jan is as delightfully complex as her art, so click here to read what others have to say about her, as well as to get to know this remarkable artist a little better.

"I guess I'm drawn to unusual "imperfections". Half-hidden, embedded layers of color and worn down textures, are exciting to me, because they suggest history and stories of another time. My collages are complex and encourage the imagination of the viewer."

Jan was a founding member of a group that established Volunteer Art for Plano Elementary Schools. She has served as the President of Plano Art Association and as a Curator of Plano Cultural Arts. She has also served as a volunteer Curatorial Staff Member at Dallas Museum of Art.

Her work has won her numerous awards, including a Mixed Media Monetary Award in the Art League of Hilton Head Juried Show.

Her art affiliations include membership in the Southwest Watercolor Association, the Plano Art Association, the Society of Layerists and Multi-Media, the National Art Education Association, the Texas Art Education Association. She is also a Member of Dallas Museum of Art.